Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Winter Fun

This past winter....okay it is technically still winter according to the calendar, but I am trying to move it out of here even though it keeps spitting snow here.  Anyway, this winter my kids were able to do something new and fun for them.  They were able to learn to ski this year thanks to our homeschool co-op and some awesome deals that the local ski area runs.  Buddy got to try skiing and snowboarding.  He definitely preferred skiing and said that was easier to get the hang of.  I was proud of him for trying out both activities.  Little Miss got to try skiing and thought it was pretty fun.  Today I thought I would share some pictures of their fun with you.

We hope to go skiing again next year as our ski area is already closed for the year.  Unfortunately the weather around here has been pretty up and down and we haven't had any consistent snow or accumulated snow since early February.  If you are wondering if I ski....the answer is NO, I tried once it was not good and a story for a different day.  I just go and walk the slopes with my kids its safer for me.  😀

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