Tuesday, April 24, 2018

5 Days of Unit Studies - Day2

Unit studies have changed how we do school in our home.  They allow us to explore more topics, dig deeper, and be creative when showing what we have learned.  This week during this 5 day blog hop, I want to share what I have learned about unit studies with you and give you practical tips for using them in your school.
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Today we are going to start chatting  about how I create unit studies.  First I decide if our unit study will be topic based, subject based, or book based.  What is the difference you ask?
  • Topic Based - This is studying one specific topic at a time.  It can be as broad or narrowed down as you want it to be as long as there is enough information on the topic.  An example of a broad topic would be The Civil War and a narrow topic would be The Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Subject Based - This is creating a unit study for a specific subject.  Then under that subject you study topics that pertain to it.  If I was going to create a unit study for Math then I would pick what topics or sections we would cover for math.  Maybe we would study division in math and learn several different ways of dividing, the terms involved with division, and dividing with remainders.  Then we would move on to the next topic in math.
  • Book Based - This is where you pick a book or a book series and create unit studies out of it.  The study can include the characters, the setting, what life was like during that time period, the geography of the book, and so much more.  
Then I set some learning goals for our unit study.  I think about what I want them to know by the end of the study.  Is it just the facts surrounding what we are studying?  Do I want them to know specific details?  Are we learning about the history of events?  Knowing what I want my students to learn from the study helps me determine how long the study will take.  If I want them to know lots of details the study will take longer.  After I determine our learning goals and how long I want the unit study to take, then I start searching for resources to use and activities we can do that pertain to the study.  We will discuss the resources and activities more tomorrow so I hope you will come back then.  In the meantime start thinking about how you could use a unit study in your school and ask me any questions you might have by commenting below.
This week I am participating in the Spring 2018 5 Days of... Blog Hop from the Homeschool Review Crew.  We are all writing about different topics this week and sharing them with you.  We each got to pick our own topic so I can't tell you how excited I am to read what everyone is blogging about this week.  Click the links below or the banner above this paragraph to Hop on over to the next blog and read what they have for you, I know I will definitely be hopping to my friends' blogs to see what they wrote.

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  1. Major fan of unit studies here! Looking forward basing a lot of next year curriculum around literature!


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