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A Review of Help Teaching Pro from

There are many times when I am teaching that I think "it would be great if there were a worksheet to go with this."  Yes, I homeschool and yes, I can make a worksheet, but I don't always have time to sit down and make something on my own.  This is why I am always on the hunt for resources that have worksheets, tests, and quizzes already created for me but still gives me the ability to quickly create my own if I need/want to.  The Help Teaching Pro subscription that we received to review from does just that and more.
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We have reviewed materials from before, but I was excited to dig through their site again to see what we could use for our school this time.  This site and the Help Teaching Pro subscription covers multiple grades and multiple subjects.  We received a one year subscription to the Help Teaching Pro to review.  The Pro subscription also includes unlimited access to their online Test Maker to create custom tests and worksheets, access to their Math Worksheet Generators, and access to their Game and Puzzle Generators.  They also now have Online Lessons for some subjects.  It also includes unlimited access to their online tests and worksheets, the ability to make and save your own tests and worksheets on their site, pre-made premium content, and more for just $39 per year .
Once you sign up for your subscription you can get your student(s) signed up for their accounts.  You can link their accounts by email so you can send them their scheduled assignments, but don't worry they don't have to have an email to work on the site.  I wanted to see how the scheduled assignments worked so I set up my email for my children's email and this worked perfectly.  When I would schedule a lesson or test for one of my children, an email would pop into my account with a link that they could click and complete what I sent them.  After they finished, I could log in to and check out the results two different ways - question by question or the entire assignment.  
I had both my 9th grader and my 4th grader trying out worksheets, tests, and online lessons from the Pro subscription.  I had my son do some of the physics and math worksheets from the 9th grade for review for school.  I also have him scheduled to do vocabulary lessons that are online.  Some of the worksheets I had him do I printed off for him and some of them I assigned to him through email.  I had my 4th grade daughter work on the questions for Because of Winn Dixie in the lessons because we happened to be reading this book anyway when we got access to our subscription.  There are review questions for every chapter of the book and they are a great way to check for understanding in the book.  I also had her work on some grammar and math worksheets.  She also tried one of the online lessons for geography.  I was also able to use the Math Generator to create a division practice worksheet for her and the Word Search Generator to create a word search for Because of Winn Dixie for her.  Both kids thought the worksheets and lessons were good.  They liked using the worksheets that I printed off when we went on a two day trip with my hubby.  It was a great way to still get school in, but not have to pack all their books.  Buddy liked having the assignments emailed so that he could just click the link to find what he should work on versus having to wait for me to pull it up and get him in the right area.  Little Miss always finds another worksheet she wants to try anytime she is near when I am finding her other worksheets.
This is the Math Generator I used to create a worksheet.  I just had to adjust the options in the sidebar to get the larger division problems I wanted Little Miss to practice.
One of the things I really like about besides being able to assign the lessons is that the site grades the work for me which is a HUGE plus in my book.  It grades the work in one of two ways.  If your student uses the links for the scheduled assignment their answers are recorded and checked as they work.  If you print off the lesson, worksheet, or test for the student, you can go back in once they are done and put in what answer they picked and it will grade it as you put the answers in.  I liked both methods and I liked being able to go in and check how my kids did on the assignments quickly and I could see exactly what problems (if any) they got wrong and which answers they picked.  I also liked that you could see the total score or you could review each question for which answer they picked.  The other thing I really like about this site is that they have so much content.  I can always find something for my kids to work on.  Sometimes the worksheets I find are for their grade and sometimes it is for the grade above or the grade below their grade.  There is a plethora of material on this site.
By adjusting the tiitle and putting in my own words I was able to quickly create a word search for Little Miss.
Overall I was very impressed with the selection of quizzes, tests, worksheets, and lessons included with the Pro Plan from  I feel like they are a good supplement to any curriculum, but they would probably not work as the entire curriculum unless you were creating a LOT of your own content.  I also like being able to create my own tests, math worksheets, and puzzles quickly.  They made those sections of the website super quick and easy to use.  I clicked a few buttons and added a few words and my worksheets and puzzles were done.  

You can learn more about the Help Teaching Pro we received by clicking here.  You can learn more about on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  You should definitely check them out and see how they could benefit your family.  If you aren't convinced yet, click the banner below to read the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew to find out how they used their subscription.  
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