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A Review of the Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Bible Story App from Planet 316 and Worthy Kids/Ideals

Teaching  and learning from the Bible is very important in our family.  We strive to make sure that children are reading God's word every day.  So when we got the opportunity to receive the Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Bible Story App from Planet 316 and Worthy Kids/Ideals to review recently, I knew I wanted to see what it was all about and I knew that Little Miss would have fun trying it out..
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Planet 316 is a company on a mission to spread the Gospel through the use of technology and the games they have created.  They strive to make the Bible approachable for all ages by developing fun, interactive experiences that can help families connect.  They have developed computer games, apps, and videos that help children of all ages and adults learn and memorize Bible verses and learn the Bible in fun ways.

The Planet 316 Story Bible contains more than 100 Bible stories that were specifically chosen for this book to teach children about God's love for all people.  It features stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  It also features bright, colorful, and fun illustrations that come to life with the augmented reality used in the companion Planet 316 Bible Story App, which is free once you buy the Story Bible.  The Story Bible has over 300 pages.  Each featured story gives the Bible reference so you can easily find the complete story in the Bible if you choose to.  The hardcover Story Bible is available to purchase for under $15.

(I apologize for the white dots on the pictures, those are the reflections of my lights on my iPad.)
Planet 316 makes the companion Bible Story App easy to find and download by including a QR code at the front of the Story Bible that you can scan with your phone or tablet.  This app works on both Apple devices (tablets and phones) and Android devices (tablets and phones).  Once you download the app and open it up, it is very user friendly.  It instructs you on how to scan the Story Bible pages and then when the image pops up on the device screen, you tap it to make it come to life.  The augmented reality of the app allows the people in the stories to talk, the animals to make noises, and adds background sounds (an example is the sound of rushing water).  This app adds to the story and makes this book unique and fun.
Little Miss and I were excited to receive our Story Bible.  She is 9 and an independent reader, but I knew that she would still have fun with this Bible and the companion app.  Once I got the app downloaded to our iPad, she took over.  She started reading the stories and then scanning them with the app to make them come to life.  The stories were easy for her to read and she loved the animation when she scanned them.  She liked to see what things could be tapped in each picture to see what would talk or make a sound.  She didn't read the stories in any particular order, she just picked the ones that interested her.  Her favorite stories were Queen Esther, Noah and the Flood, and The Birth of a Savior.  She continues to read through this book and use the app.  I like that when she could be playing games on the iPad, she is using her Bible Story book and app instead.
I have truly enjoyed the Story Bible and companion app as much as Little Miss has.  Yes, I did try it for myself and found myself reading and flipping through multiple stories so I could see the animation in the app.  It is fun and a great way to help kids remember Bible stories.  Younger children can definitely benefit from using this Bible and app and it would be a great present for young children.  We definitely recommend this book and app if you have children in your home.  You can learn more about Planet 316 and all the interactive products they have to offer on their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  You can learn about the Story Bible and companion App by clicking here.  You can also learn how my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew used this book and app by clicking the banner below.
Planet 316 Story Bible and Bible App {Planet 316 Reviews}

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  1. I played with the Bible app too! We love this Bible!


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