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A Review of Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum from Home School Navigator

Reading and writing are two of the most important skills for school that I want my children to excel at.  This is why it is important to me that I find a curriculum for language arts that really fits each of my students.  Little Miss and I recently got a chance to review the Blue Level of Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum from Home School Navigator when we received a one year subscription to their curriculum.  I can tell you that I have been pleasantly surprised by what has happened in our home since finding this curriculum.
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Home School Navigator has created this Reading and Language Arts Curriculum to help homeschool families navigate the world of language arts.  There are 6 different reading levels to choose from in this curriculum.  There is a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or indigo level for your student.  They range in level of difficulty and reading levels covered.  Each one year membership includes 36 weeks of lessons, daily reading, writing, and word study lesson plans, 60 instructional videos, a word study program, activities for multiple learning styles, a monthly skills checklist, and downloadable review games.  It also includes an online portfolio for your student with portfolio maintenance and a monthly goal check-in sheet.  You get all this for just $97 per student.
These are some of the various handouts Little Miss worked on in the Blue Level.
I chose the blue level of curriculum for Little Miss because she just finished up her 4th grade work and will be going into 5th grade.  Each day I would log in and then pick the lesson she was working on.  She would work through each daily task to complete her lessons.  They usually started with a Read Aloud, Reading Skills Practice, Writing/Grammar work, Vocabulary, Computer Skills, Independent Reading, and there was a Poetry Extension to finish.  After she finished her daily work I could upload her worksheets or writing to put in her online portfolio.  There was also a weekly and monthly guide that I could download and then print the parts I needed for Little Miss to work on.  The online dashboard showed the progress she made through the curriculum as I would submit her work for her portfolio.  The dashboard was very user-friendly and I could quickly find where she was working, see what she had worked on last, and check to see what I had put in her portfolio.
This is the monthly goal check-in which is a good tool for both the parent and the student.
Little Miss worked on this curriculum at a slower rate than I anticipated and I am okay with it.  Why?  I am okay with the slower pace because she decided when started the free write that she wanted to do more with it.  I started her with 20 minutes like the curriculum suggested, but when the timer went off she complained that she wasn't done and wanted more time.  This has happened every time she gets free writing time in the curriculum.  Little Miss decided she wanted to write a story of her own so she keeps working on it in her free write time and I am pretty excited to see her enjoying writing so much.  Writing has always felt like a chore to her so to see her enjoying it and wanting to write makes me very happy.

Little Miss also really liked the rest of this program too.  She thought the Read Aloud titles were fun and entertaining.  She also liked that some of them had YouTube video read aloud versions of the stories.  This was a nice break for her especially because she has also been reading for the Independent Reading portion of the curriculum.  Little Miss didn't mind the Grammar and Vocabulary work because it was broken down into manageable chunks each week.  It didn't feel overwhelming to her like other grammar and vocabulary programs have.  She really liked being able to pick her own book for Independent Reading time because there is no set book for that, it is just more important that students are reading.  Little Miss said that Home School Navigator was good because it made language arts fun for her.
This is Little Miss' writing that she has been doing in the Free Writing portion of this program.  I put a filter on it because she says her story isn't ready to share yet, but she has written 4 full pages of it so far.
I really like this curriculum because you can customize it for your student.  If they already know a concept, you can review it or just move on to the next task.  I also like that each week is broken down into daily lessons and each daily lesson is broken down into several tasks.  It makes it feel like the language arts goes by faster for Little Miss even though it still takes us the same amount of time.  I also like the interactive notebooks that are coming up for Little Miss.  These interactive notebooks are focused notebooks that accompany a specific book to read.  They have activities, questions, and work for each chapter of the specific book.  It takes this curriculum from being online and printed to being hands-on as Little Miss will have to answer worksheet questions, learn and study literary terms, apply the terms to the book she is reading, and then create a notebook with her answers.  It will also help her study this book at a deeper level since she will have to do more than just read the book.  I know she will love this part of the curriculum and it will help keep her interested in the book that she will have to read that goes along with the notebook.  Most of all I like that this curriculum has made writing fun and interesting to Little Miss and that writing is no longer a chore for her.
A sample of what the interactive notebook looks like.
We have enjoyed our time using the Blue level of this curriculum so far and I plan to continue on with it again this fall for Little Miss since she is really enjoying it.  I definitely recommend checking it out to see what it can offer your students.  You can learn more about Home School Navigator and all the levels of curriculum they offer on their website.  You can also check them out on social media on Facebook and Instagram.  You can read about how my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew used the various levels of this curriculum by clicking on the banner below.
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