Monday, May 14, 2018

A Review of Kids Email Safe Email for Kids from Kids Email

Keeping our kids safe and accountable on the Internet is important to us.  I want to teach them about using email, but turning them loose on a free email account that has no boundaries could be dangerous.  This is why I was excited to receive a one year subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids from Kids Email to review.
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Kids Email is an online site designed specifically to be a safe email service for kids and families.  Their site allows children to have their own email while giving parents the ability to set the controls on the account and know exactly what messages are coming into and going out of your child’s email.   This product is designed to protect your kids while giving them freedom.  Kids Email has the following features and settings:
  • Mail Monitoring
  • Time Restriction
  • The Mail Queue 
  • Block Senders 
  • Contact Manager 
  • Custom Mailbox Folders
  • No Ads
  • GPS Tracker
  • Removing Links and Images 
  • Controlling Attachment Types
  • Offensive Word Filters
  • Spam Filtering 
  • Template Options
  • Activity Log
Kids Email can be used on any device as they support both Apple and Android devices, computers, and Kindle devices which makes it very versatile.  You can use it for up to 6 email accounts.  They offer affordable annual and monthly payment options so you can pick the plan that best fits your family.

Little Miss was super excited to get access to Kids Email again (we have reviewed for them before).  She couldn't wait for me to get her account all set up for her.  She told me she wanted to be able to email me, dad, and it would be great if she had other kids to email too.  Email is almost as good as getting regular mail with her name on it mostly because she isn't old enough to get bills by email or mail yet.  Kids Email gives her the independence to communicate with others, but it allows me to set the settings for her and approve who she is emailing and who is emailing her.  I was also able to add some other restrictions to her account like the times she could email so that she wasn't using her school time to email.  I could also see how long she spends in her email by checking her activity log.  Little Miss was pretty excited to email us and she was excited to email back and forth with other kids from the Homeschool Review Crew.  They have enjoyed being pen pals by email and it has been great for to chat with other Crew kids.  She plans on continuing to use this email as long as we have access to it.

Buddy used the email a little too.  It was a great way for me to email him his to do list for the week.  Then he could email me when he got things done or if he had questions.  He doesn't mind using email, but being a teen boy it isn't his favorite thing to do.  I wish I could get all the great settings this email program offers for texting, that would be fantastic.  Buddy did like being able to email back and forth with me about assignments and chores.  He also liked being able to email his dad about outside chores that he has.  I did set time restrictions on his account to just to make sure he was emailing after school work was done.  I also set it up so that neither of my kids could email during meal times and to see if it worked I had Buddy to try to login during that time on purpose.  He couldn't login and he got a message that he was trying to login during a restricted time.
This is email queue where I had to approve messages.

There is even a feature to "Ground" your kids from their email if they break the rules.
I like that I don't have to worry about the content of the emails that my kids get with this email program.  I know that I have to approve their contacts and emails, but if someone on their contact list would get hacked or try to send them a link that might have questionable content, it will not get through because I can control the settings and set offensive word filters, disable links and images in their emails, and spam is filtered out.  I truly appreciate all the safety features in this program for email.  I also like that I can set up a kids account for my 9 year old and a teen account for my 14 year old.  I know my teen still has all the built in safety features for his email, but it designed for teens to look and feel more mature than the regular kids accounts.  I think this program is still a fantastic way to ease my kids into the world of email and the responsibilities of having an email account.
This is where I could set it so the kids could not login at certain times like during school.
There are so many great safety features to this email program that make it worth the cost in my opinion.  You can even try it out before you buy it.  You can find out more about that and Kids Email on their website.  You can also find them on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.  You can learn more about how my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew used their email accounts by clicking on the banner below.
Safe Email for Kids {Kids Email Reviews}

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