Thursday, May 17, 2018

Crochet Chain Video Tutorial

I love to crochet.  It is a great hobby for me and I love creating things to wear, blankets, and more.  I am always learning something new in crochet and I would love to share my skills with you.  I know I learn by reading things, but I also learn by seeing it done so I created a quick video for you.  The chain stitch is a foundation to crochet work and practicing it over and over seems mundane, but the better you get at chaining, the better your work will be.
Here are the written instructions too:
1.  Start with a slip knot.  You wrap the yarn around your fingers and pull the end that is still attached to the skein/ball of yarn through the hole.  Pull tight until you have a starter loop.
2.  Slide your hook into the starter loop.
3.  Put the yarn that is attached to the skein of yarn over your finger for tension.  There are several different wrapping methods to get tension and you can see from the picture I wrap my yarn around my forefinger.  This is just the method I learned when I started.  I have seen other methods and they all seem to work.  Do what is comfortable for you. 
4.  Grab the yarn that goes over your finger with your hook - this is called YARN OVER (YO).
5.  Pull the yarn on the hook through the loop that is already on the hook gently.  Your original loop that was on the hook when you started is now your first chain stitch and you have a new loop on your hook. 
6.  Yarn over (YO) again and pull it through the new loop on the hook.  It adds another stitch to your chain.  Repeat until you get the desired number of stitches in your starting chain.  
Do you know how to crochet already?  What is your favorite thing to crochet if you know how?  If you don't know how to crochet, why do you want to learn?

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