Wednesday, June 20, 2018

4th of July Wreath Tutorial

I love creating simple, but cute crafts especially ones that my 9-year-old daughter can help me with.  This simple 4th of July Wreath was just that...a craft my daughter could help me with.  I have been wanting to make a new wreath for our front door for the 4th of July for a while now so when the supplies for this one went on sale, I knew the timing was right.  I bought my wreath form at the dollar store, but they don't always have them.  When they do have them I usually buy a few and save them for future projects.  The rest of the supplies I got at a local craft store when they were having a BOGO sale so that it made my wreath project cost only about $11 to make plus our time.  I wanted my wreath to be really full looking so I used extra tulle, you could get away with only 1 roll of red and 1 roll of white tulle, but your wreath may not be as full as mine turned out to be.
4th of July Wreath Tutorial, A Glimpse of Normal, Easy Crafts
4th of July Wreath
Supplies Needed:
1 and 1/2 Roll of Red Tulle
1 and 1/2 Roll of White Tulle
1 Roll of Royal Blue Tulle
10 " Wire Wreath Form
I did buy extra rolls of tulle just in case I needed more.
1.  Cut each color of tulle into approximately 6-inch pieces.  So the pieces will be 6" wide and 6" long.
2.  In three of the wreath form sections, we alternated red and white tulle for each row of the form.  We simply tied the piece of tulle on and then tied it one more time to secure it.

3.  In the last two sections of the wreath form, we tied on blue pieces of tulle and occasionally added in a white piece for the "stars" of the wreath.  I just tried to make sure that my white "stars" didn't line up with each other.
4.  After we got most of the pieces of tulle tied on, I went back and looked for spots that needed to be fuller and added more in those spots.
Depending on how full you want your wreath and the size of your wreath form, you may need more or less tulle.  I wanted our wreath nice and full.  This wreath should be able to handle the weather.  If it gets wet the tulle should dry quickly and just need to be fluffed up again.  We have a screen door and a roof over our porch areas so our wreath should be fairly protected from the weather.  I would love to see your wreath if you create one so please come back and share it with me here in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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*I did include Amazon affiliate links for the supplies just in case you don't have a craft store near you.  If you purchase anything from those links Amazon will pay me a commission on your purchase. 

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