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A Review of The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective

Art and Art History are not my forte.  They are subjects that just seem foreign to me.  I know that for Buddy to get the Art credit he needs for high school, I have to find a class that is easy for me to teach and one that keeps him interested so that he can complete it.  This is why I was curious to see what The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective from The Master and His Apprentices was all about when we received it recently to review.  I was curious to see if this Art History curriculum would hold Buddy's attention and qualify for his Art credit.
The Master and His Apprentices, A Glimpse of Normal
The Master and His Apprentices was written by Gina Ferguson.  She is a homeschool graduate who wants to share about God and art.  She has been teaching for over 12 years and has used her teaching background, knowledge of Art, and her knowledge of the Bible to create this curriculum.  The Master and His Apprentices covers a wide range of art periods and topics.  This is a very family friendly curriculum that is written from a Christian perspective and there is no nudity or other objectionable material in it.  This curriculum is specifically designed for high school students and completing it does count as 1 full elective credit.
For this review we received a digital edition of the student textbook, the teacher guide, and the printing rights to print off the material if we chose to do so.  The student textbook has 380 pages.  It has 19 chapters for students to read and an appendix that includes essays, a period chart, a complete timeline, pieces by location, terms that describe art, consulted sources, an index, and acknowledgements.   The textbook starts exploring Art with Creation because God is the master artist.  After exploring Creation, this book goes on to explore Ancient Cultures, Classical Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque and Beyond in its 19 chapters.  The chapters are:
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Art
  • Chapter 2: Creation
  • Chapter 3: Ancient Near East
  • Chapter 4: Egyptian
  • Chapter 5: Aegean
  • Chapter 6: Early Greek
  • Chapter 7: Etruscan
  • Chapter 8: Roman
  • Chapter 9: Early Christian & Byzantine
  • Chapter 10: Medieval & Islamic
  • Chapter 11: Romanesque
  • Chapter 12: Gothic
  • Chapter 13: Proto-Renaissance
  • Chapter 14: Early Italian Renaissance
  • Chapter 15: High Italian Renaissance
  • Chapter 16: Northern Renaissance
  • Chapter 17: Baroque
  • Chapter 18: Rococo to Today
  • Chapter 19: Global Highlights
The textbook also features over 600 images to accompany the reading along with timelines of world events and Bible/Christian history events.  The digital edition has a standard 8 1/2" x 11" layout so that if you choose to print it, it can be punched and stored in a binder.  The digital download is large so it is recommended that you download in on your computer, but it can be downloaded to a digital device that supports eBooks.  The digital books are intended to be used by a single student or family.  If you are not interested in a digital book, you can purchase a printed book.
The teacher guide accompanies the textbook and it contains instructions for using this curriculum in classroom settings and in a homeschool setting, an attendance and grade sheet, a syllabus, terms to describe Art, Art History paper instructions, weekly discussion question worksheets, 4 exams, answer keys to the discussion questions and exams, and helpful tips and reminders for the teacher.  The guide gives multiple suggestions for how to use this curriculum in the classroom to meet several types of schedules.  The teacher's guide does state that this course counts as a one credit high school elective course if students complete the readings, take notes, answer the discussion questions, write the papers, and take the exams.  It is a thorough and helpful teacher's guide, especially to this teacher that doesn't know much about Art or Art History.
Buddy wasn't so sure about this course at first but he knows that he needs to complete an Art credit for high school and this course would do that for him so he was willing to try it out.  Once I got our textbook, teacher guide, and print and use instructions downloaded to our computer (once the downloads are sent to you, you do have a limited time and limited number of attempts to download it), I scrolled through the teacher guide to see what this curriculum was all about.  I was happy to see that I didn't have to know about Art History to have him be able to learn about it.  Buddy then started reading the textbook from the beginning.  I used the reading schedule from the suggested syllabus in the teacher guide for him and his reading.  This gave him a week to two weeks to read each chapter and complete the worksheet of discussion questions for the material he read.  The reading is full of details and concepts to think about, but it is easy to understand at the same time.  The chapters are easy to break into sections for daily reading which is what I did for Buddy since some chapters are longer than others. After he would read the chapter I would have him answer the discussion questions from the chapter.  This is where I could check to see what he could remember from the reading.  The material from this textbook does seem to be sticking with him and he even mentioned some of the reading to his dad.  Buddy is finishing up chapter 4 of the reading and the worksheet for it this week.  So far he says the reading has been interesting and he likes that he gets to learn history at the same time.  He says the pictures are good and help break up the reading.  Buddy doesn't mind the worksheets and says they are a good review of the reading.  He is doing well on them so far and I am looking forward to seeing how much he has learned when he takes his first exam for this course after he finishes chapter 5.  We will probably do a little bit of chapter review first because he won't be working on chapter 5 until we officially start school again this fall.  Buddy isn't super excited about having to write papers for this class, but he will since it is part of the requirement for getting his credit.
This is the schedule from the suggested syllabus
I really appreciate this curriculum and how it is laid out.  I appreciate that even though I don't know a lot about Art or Art History, I can still help Buddy work through the curriculum.  I love that this book is written from a Christian perspective and I don't have to worry about any inappropriate art pictures in it.  This entire art history class is well thought out and put together.  It is perfect for a high school credit and they even have suggestions for using it with younger children or using it as an adult.  We definitely recommend checking it out if you need an Art elective credit for high school.   You can learn more about The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective that we received by clicking here.  You can learn more about The Master and His Apprentices on their website, Facebook, and Pinterest.  You can also learn how my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew used this curriculum by clicking on the banner below.
The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective {The Master and His Apprentices Reviews}

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  1. nicely written review, I hadn't considered how easy it makes it for the non-arty, non-history buff to teach a highschool art class.


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