Thursday, June 14, 2018

Don't Break the Bank Decorating

Decorating the house can be really expensive, but it doesn't have to be.  There are certain items that are always going to be expensive like the couch and they are the items that I definitely recommend making sure you buy quality items, but these items will last you many years.  Today I want to talk about all the other decorating and how you can do this without breaking the bank.
A Glimpse of Normal, Thrifty Thursday, Saving Money
I love to decorate my house, but I also love to do this cheaply.  When I don't spend a ton of money on decorations, I don't feel bad if I want to change them out or if they are just temporary pieces.  There are several ways that I save money on decorations for our house and I want to share them with you.
  1. Watch for Sales - If you are looking for a specific item or love the items at a particular store, keep an eye out for their sales.  Just by watching their sales, you can pick up the item(s) you have had your eye on for a great bargain.
  2. Use a Coupon or Reward - Many stores offer coupons - printed or digital and/or reward programs that you can use to get special discounts.  I know our local craft stores carry decorations and they offer coupons.  If there is an item I have had my eye on and I can't wait for a sale, I will use a coupon or rewards points to get discounts.
  3. Stack Coupons/Rewards with Sales - This is my favorite way to get decorations for our home.  I will wait for a sale and a coupon that I can use to get extra money off the sale price.  Also I will use my reward points to get extra money off.  Not all stores allow you to stack coupons, sales, and rewards, but don't hesitate to ask about doing so because it can save a lot of money.  
  4. Shop the Clearance Aisle - Many times I find great decorating items in the clearance aisle of my favorite stores.  You never know what will be there, but it is always worth a look. 
  5. Buy Holiday Decorations AFTER the Holiday - I very, very rarely buy a holiday decoration during the season of the holiday.  I usually wait until after the holiday to buy my decorations because then I can pick them up for 70-90% off when the stores are looking to clean off their shelves.  I then store them in a decorations tote for the holiday to come around again.
  6. Ask for a Discount - Many times I have found items on the clearance aisle or rack that have minor damage - part of something has come unglued, missing a piece, or it has a scratch.  If it is a decoration that I think I can fix I will point out how the item is broken and ask the cashier if this is the best price they can give since it is broken.  Some stores will give you an extra discount.  One store told me they could give an extra 10% off the item if I thought I might return it or an extra 20% if I wasn't going to return it.  The item happened to be a clock that was missing the back for the battery pack, but I wanted it as a decoration and it didn't matter to me if it ran or not so I opted for the 20% discount.  
  7. Dollar Stores and the Dollar Spot - I check the dollar store and Target's Dollar spot when I am near them just to see what they have.  I have found cute jars for decorations and other things in these places.  Sometimes they don't have anything I like and other times I hit the jackpot.
  8. Garage Sales - These are also hit or miss, but I have been able to pick up some really cute things pretty cheap at garage sales.  I think we all like to switch out our decorations at some point so garage sales are great places to look for items.
A Glimpse of Normal, Thrifty Thursday, Saving Money
I love this sign for the words on it.  I got it on clearance and then reduced further because the "Worship God" line needed to be glued back on one side.
A Glimpse of Normal, Thrifty Thursday, Saving Money
I picked up this clock on clearance and asked for an extra discount because it didn't have a back for the battery pack. It didn't matter to me if the clock worked on not because I just wanted it for decoration, but the store did reduce the price because it was missing the back for the battery pack. It works and I just put tape on the back of the battery pack to keep them in.
A Glimpse of Normal, Thrifty Thursday, Saving Money
I picked up this jar on a clearance aisle at the end of the season for this product line and then I purchased clearanced out flowers to put in it for a decoration.  Later it might end up in my kitchen as a utensil holder, but because I picked it up cheap I don't mind changing my mind about what I want to use it for.
These are the main methods I use for buying decorations without breaking the bank.  I love to find a great deal and decorating at the same time.  How do you save money on decorating?

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