Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Founder's Day Sale at MyFreezEasy

One way I make cooking easier for myself is to take the time to make freezer meals.  It means setting a day aside to spend one day prepping a bunch of meals to go into the freezer that I can pull out later and cook according to the instructions.  I don't do this all on my own, I use and follow their meal plans.  They have a lot of them to choose from.  I pick the ones I think my family will love and then print off the grocery list and directions.  I gather all my ingredients for the meals I have chosen and then I prep them according to the directions.  It is truly easy to use and follow.  I might spend a day prepping, but when we are busy and on the go it is great to have meals already ready in my freezer.  I have not found a meal on there that my family hasn't liked.  This summer I plan to stock up my freezer again with meals from MyFreezEasy because I know how convenient they are to have on hand.  Today and tomorrow (6/6/18 and 6/7/18) MyFreezEasy is having a Founder's Day Sale.  This means that you can save money on their memberships.  They are offering the following deals - $10 per month, $30 per quarter, or $95 annually for their memberships.  There are so many amazing recipes every month and so many different ways to cook them that the options are endless.  Take a look at the sale and see for yourself.  In the meantime, I will be picking out what recipes to prep for my freezer next.

P.S. - This post does contain my affiliate link for MyFreezEasy.  This means if you choose to purchase a membership, I will receive a small commission that is paid by MyFreezEasy, not you. 

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