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A Review of the Advanced (5th & 6th grade) Level From Bible Study Guide For All Ages

Bible is an important subject in our school so I like to see what products are out there and what might be a good fit for my students.  This is why I was excited to dig into the Advanced (5th & 6th grade) Level From Bible Study Guide For All Ages when we got a chance to review it recently.  I wanted to see how Little Miss would do with this Bible Study Curriculum.
Bible Study Guide for All Ages, A Glimpse of Normal
We are new to Bible Study Guide For All Ages so I was unfamiliar with this company before this review.  Bible Study Guide has been around since the 1970's.  It is another company that was born when Mary Baker, a homeschool mom, couldn't find the Bible curriculum that she was looking for to use with her 4 children.  The family has continued this company and their goal is the same as it has always been: "to help children and adults learn and understand the Bible, while applying it to their own lives."  I love that this is their goal and it made me eager to see what the level we received  would be all about.  They do offer other levels: Beginner (3-K), Primary (1st & 2nd grade). and Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade).  Each level of this Bible Study Curriculum can be used for individuals or groups.
We received Unit 1 of the Advanced (5th & 6th grade) Level to review.  It came with the Student Pages and Teacher Key.  They were also kind enough to send us their Bible Book Summary Cards as well that are used throughout the level.  This unit includes lessons 1-26 and is designed to be used by students in 5th and 6th grade.  It is a consumable workbook so you do need one per student.  There are a total of 16 units in the entire Advanced Level and if you completed them all, there would 416 lessons which would take a few years.  Each lesson has a specific Bible passage at the beginning of it to read.  Next is the Remember It? section that reviews something from the last lesson or the reading.  It asks questions and gives room to answer.  Then there is the Memory Workout section.  This area lists a song to sing from the optional CD set for the level and it is also where students use the Bible Book Summary Cards that we did receive.  Next is the Guess What section that gives more information about the reading or tells the historical reference of facts in the reading.  It is an educational section filled with great things to think about and learn.  Time Line or Map (depending on the lesson) is next up.  This is where students work on a timeline that is given at the top of the page or they add locations and details to a map from the lesson.  Then there is a Get Active section that has fun activities that can help students dig deeper.  Some of the activities are designed to be completed in a group so to use these, they would have to be modified.  Other activities were ones that students can complete individually.  Then there was an Apply It section.  This had students reading more Bible verses and looking at them in detail and really thinking about them.  Each lesson ended with the suggestion for the student to talk to God about what He taught them in the lesson.  On the back of each lesson is a Discover the Bible page.  This is a page that the students use to dig deeper into a lesson from the Bible.  There is a passage or two to read and then then work to do based on the reading.  The work helps students remember details from the story and walks them through it bit by bit.  Some of it is just answering questions based on facts from the story and some of it is their reasoning.  The Teacher Key has the same format as the Student Pages except for it gives answers and extra information for teaching like extra Scripture references if you want to add in those for older students.  It also has information on using the Wall Map and Wall Time Line Set if you purchase these items.

When our Advanced Level arrived, I took the time to read through the beginning of the Teacher Key and the Teacher Notes in the Student Pages so that I could see how we should be using this curriculum.  I decided that I wanted Little Miss to use this as her daily devotions.  We worked on 1-2 lessons a week and I had her do independent work and I worked with her on some of each lesson.  I would read the Bible passage with her or have her read it aloud to me, depending on the day.  Then I would have her work on the various question sections for the reading.  When she would finish with the questions, we would go over her work to make sure she answered the questions correctly.  If she got it wrong, we would discuss how her answer was different and her reasoning for answering that way.  After she finished the questions, she would work on learning the Bible Book Summary Card for the lesson.  This seemed like a better place for her to work on it rather than at the beginning of the lesson.  I think for her it was easier if she focused on the questions first and learning the Book facts all at once.  On the Discover the Bible section, we would read the Bible passage together and then I let her work on her own for this section.  I wanted her to do the digging and thinking for this section.  Many of the stories she covered in the lessons she completed, are stories that she was familiar with so I wanted her to really dig into them and dissect them for herself.  She liked working independently on this section so that she could look for the little details that completing this page required.  If she got stuck, she would ask for help, but it was rare that she did.  Little Miss has finished 9 lessons and she is looking forward to finishing up this unit so we can get the next one. She has been enjoying the lessons so far and they are helping her look for little details in the Bible passages she reads.  This is a win win to me.
Bible Book Summary Card front
Bible Book Summary Card Back with information to learn
Teacher Key
The Teacher Key gives more detail in the sidelines so you can teach at a deeper level.
We have really enjoyed using this Bible Study Curriculum.  I really like how is it broken down into sections and if you are working with one student you can space it out or if you work with a group it is paced so that you could complete a lesson each week (I used to teach Sunday School so I can see how easy this would be to use in that setting).  I like that this curriculum leads students to deeper thinking while encouraging their thoughts and feelings about the passage they are studying.  I like that it can used for different size groups and even just using it with my daughter we didn't miss not having a group setting to use it in when I adjusted the Get Active  sections.  In my opinion it is a very well written curriculum and one that we will continue to use since it is affordable.  I do wish that we had room for the Wall Maps and Timeline Set because it looks like it be a great visual reminder for this curriculum.

You can learn more about all the levels that Bible Study Guide For All Ages has to offer on their website.  You can learn about the Advanced (5th & 6th grade) Level that we received by clicking here.  You can also find Bible Study Guide For All Ages on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also learn more about this level and the other levels of this curriculum by clicking on the banner below to read the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew.
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