Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Changes Are A Brewing

Changes are a brewing around our house.....
A Glimpse of Normal, Changes Are A Brewing

We will soon start a new school year and I am in the middle of planning it.  We will be changing up some things and trying some new things.  I think this is what every new school year brings...change.  We are also still making changes around our home in the form of more home improvements on our barn.  I hope to get around to sharing some of them with you soon.  I am still working on making changes to my overall health.  That is a process and a journey.  There are other changes coming too.  I am not sure what they all look like right now so I don't want to share before they are fully developed.  There are a couple I can tell you.
  • A sad change is that our outdoor cat, Waldo, passed away.  He was a good cat and even though he tripped us more times than not, we will miss him and his antics.  
  • I have always called my daughter Little Miss on the blog.  She is getting older and from now on I will refer to her as Missy.
  • I have always called my son Buddy on the blog.  He is a teenager now and would prefer to be called CJ on my blog
  • .We have changed up where our playroom is.  It use to share a room with our guest room, but it wasn't great for playing.  Now our loft has become the playroom.  I am hoping to get some pictures up soon.
  • A huge change...I have a chauffeur now.  Okay so the truth of this one is that CJ has his learner's permit, but it also means he wants to drive everywhere.  
Stay tuned for more on the changes around here.  I am sure you will see them in the next few months as I get caught up sharing things with you.  For now, we are off on an adventure...tune in next week for more.

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  1. woohoo change is good sometimes...tell CJ and Missy that we love them and gigi says hi and remind them that I will probably forget their new names at least once lol


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