Thursday, September 27, 2018

Party Bucket Party Favors

Earlier this month we had a sleepover for Missy's birthday.  Turning 10 is a big deal and should be celebrated in a big way.  She decided to have a Mermaid Spa party and it was a lot of fun as you can tell from the pictures I posted earlier this month.  Today I wanted to share more about the party bucket party favors I sent home with each girl.
A Glimpse of Normal, Party Bucket Party Favors
Even before Missy picked a theme for her party, I had started thinking about party favors and what might be good to give as favors.  I knew that I wanted to do some items that were related to the party and some items that represented Missy so that her friends would think of her and her party when they used the items.  So when I was out and about running errands I would be on the lookout for items that might fit either of these categories.  Of course once Missy picked her theme, picking out items for party favors was much easier.   I ended up finding some cute sketchbooks, flip flops, nail polish, nail files, nail stickers, earrings, tattoos, and bath bombs.  I also crocheted each girl a headband.  I wanted to be able to package the items and put them in something for the girls, but I wanted them to be able to take them out and look at everything.  So I was super excited when I found cute buckets for less than $2 at a party supply store.  I really liked the buckets because they had extra room and could be reused by each girl, but they were a little plain.
A Glimpse of Normal, Party Bucket Party Favors

A Glimpse of Normal, Party Bucket Party Favors
I started packaging up the goodies for inside the buckets and then I got the idea of adding the girls' names to the buckets.  I thought of using stickers, but they seemed like they would peel off before the girls got here.  Then it hit me!  I had lots of rub-on letters and I could use them to add their names.  Once I got the names added, the buckets still looked a little plain to me so I started combing through my supplies to see what else I could do.  I found little "diamond" gems and added those to each name to add a little bling because what girl doesn't love bling.  The good thing about using the rub-on letters is that if I didn't get it placed right, I could scratch off the letter and try a new one.  So here are the final product:
A Glimpse of Normal, Party Bucket Party Favors
What do you think?  What do you do for party favors?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Review of I Know It

Extra math practice is never a bad idea especially when you have elementary age children.  I think if you can build their math foundation at a young age, they do better later on in school.  At least this is what I have found to be true with my children.  Because of this, I am always on the lookout for fun ways to add in extra math practice and build math skills.  We were excited to review I Know It and find out what their math lessons were all about.
I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade
I Know It is an online website for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  You can use this interactive website with your students to assign them homework, to assess how they are doing on a skill set, or just to practice their math skills.  They offer programs for families (homeschoolers), teachers, and public schools.  I Know It allows you to assign work to your students or they can pick their own topic to work on.  They can work at their own pace while having the option to get question hints if they get stuck.  They get instant feedback on each question because it is graded when they hit submit and they learn if they answered correctly or incorrectly.  If they answer a question wrong, the correct answer and how to get that answer is given.  When they answer the questions right, they are rewarded with a fun animation.  They can also see how long they have been working on a lesson and how many/what question they are on in the sidebar of their assignment.  Students can even have their questions read to them if they need or want it.

A limited number of hints were available if your student needed them.
For this review, we received a family membership which is good for one parent and up to 4 students.  Once I set up my parent account on this very user-friendly website, it was easy to set up an account for Missy and myself.  I wanted Missy to try out this website and I wanted to be able to try it too without interfering with Missy's work.  As the parent, I got to set the level for each of us so that Missy was working in level E which is 5th grade and I was at level K so that I could try any level (K, A, B, C, D, or E).  Even though the site has you set the grade levels, you can work in the other levels as well.  The grade levels are set just to give you a starting point.  As the parent on the account, I could assign specific lessons for Missy and give her a certain amount of time to finish or I could let her just pick what to work on.  I tried both ways since we were using this program as a supplement to her current math and a refresher course since we just fully started school at the beginning of September.  Within the level your student is working on there are several topics they or you can choose for them.  Once they click the topic like "Addition and Subtraction," the website takes them to a new screen where they can pick a specific assignment like "Subtracting 3-Digits and Decimals."  If you assign them work, you just go through the parent dashboard and pick the level, the topic, and the assignment.  Then you can pick which student or students to assign the lesson to.  This is also where you set whether the student can see the assignment for only a specific time period or until they get it done.  You can also choose whether they work on a set number of questions or for a certain amount of time.  You can also select the number of questions for them to work on.
Missy's page when she had an assignment to do.

Fun animated character that would dance, shoot fireworks, and do tricks.
Missy got to work on the assignments I gave her.  She would work on I Know It at least 3 times a week.  I worked on I Know It a few times to check out different levels and the types of math problems they offered.  Once I logged in, Missy would click on her icon, a horse, and then she could see the work I assigned.  I had her work through a variety of topics to refresh her math skills and to supplement her regular math work.  She worked on place value, fractions, multiplication, division, and comparing numbers among other assignments.  Missy would answer the question and then get instant feedback when she hit submit.  If the answer was right, the program would tell her something encouraging like "Way to Go," "Groovy," and so on and there was an animated character that would dance, shoot off fireworks, or do some other cool trick.  The character was cute and entertaining.  If Missy got the answer wrong, the program would show her step-by-step how to get the right answer.  She liked that she could see her progress and score as she worked through her lessons.  The lessons were great practice work for her and helped her refresh her skills.  She struggled with one or two of the lessons just because it was a skill she had not worked on for a while.  When she did struggle, I was happy to see the step-by-step answers so that I could compare her work with the answer on the website to show her what she did wrong.  Missy liked the variety of topics that she could work on and she also liked being able to choose a lesson when I didn't assign her a specific lesson because she could click the topic and then select which part of that topic she wanted to work on.  For the most part, Missy says this website is fun and feels more like a game than math work to her.
Teacher/Parent Dashboard

A more detailed look at Missy's work in the dashboard and you could click "More Info" to see what she got wrong and why.
I really enjoyed the lessons I tried out on I Know It too.  They were very easy to understand, work through, and get instant results.  The lessons were really good at reviewing concepts that a student would learn in a regular math program.  So while you couldn't use this website as your math curriculum, it is a great supplement to a math curriculum.  It helps reinforce concepts.  I appreciate that even though the website has aligned their lessons with common core standards, it does not feel like you are doing common core math to me which is good since I am not a huge common core math fan.  The lessons I tried were colorful, fun, and educational.  I also liked the animated character and making it dance or shoot off fireworks when I got answers right.  As a parent, I really enjoyed that this website did all the grading for me and I could quickly view student progress in the dashboard.  I liked that the dashboard gave me a general overview of progress and then I could click for more specific details on each lesson.  I could even see which problems we got wrong and why our answers were wrong.  I think this is a fantastic thing. Honestly, in my opinion, this is one of the best dashboards for a website that I have used and I really loved the layout of it since it can be simple or you can see the details.
I even got email reports of what Missy had worked on.
Both Missy and I recommend this website if you have students in grades K-5 and you would like them to work on their math skills.  You can try out their website for free 60 days by clicking here.  You can learn more about I Know It on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You can also read the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew by clicking the banner below to see what levels of this site they used.
Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade {I Know It Reviews}

Saturday, September 22, 2018

September Menu Plan - Week of September 23-30

This month has absolutely flown by.  I knew it would with school starting, a birthday party, wisdom teeth removal, and so on.  So I can't believe the last week of the month is here already.  I have done much better at sticking to my menu plan by going to a weekly menu, but I think in October I will go to a biweekly plan.  I still might move my meals around, but I am getting a much better grip on what I have in the pantry and freezer so I am sticking to the plan better.
A Glimpse of Normal, Weekly Menu Plan, September Menu Plan
All that being said I decided to give you a bonus day to this week's menu plan so that it includes the last Sunday of the month since that will still be September.  So if you use my printable menu plan, you either need to print 2 and plan to finish filling out the second one for October or write 2 meals in the Sunday section, one for this Sunday and one for the 30th.  You choose.  In the meantime, I will try to rework my printable so it is for two weeks for October.  Anyway, here is what is for dinner at our house this next week.

Sunday - Italian Meatball Soup
Monday - Chopped Chili Cornbread Salad
Tuesday - Black Bean Chip and Dip Burgers
Wednesday - One Pan Mexican Quinoa
Thursday - Loaded Potato and Meatloaf Casserole
Friday - Skillet Pizza
Saturday - Slow Cooker Red Beans and Sausage
Sunday - Irish Pub Nachos

As always you can find recipes for my meals on my September Menu Plan board on Pinterest.  If there is a meal you don't like and want to swap out, check out my board on Pinterest because it should have plenty of extra meals on there now.  What is for dinner at your house this week?

Get your free printable Menu Planning Sheet by clicking the arrow in the top of the picture.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Cook Once, Eat Twice

I love cooking, I really do, but...  Sometimes we are super busy and I don't have time to cook a full meal.  Sometimes I am tired and the last thing I want to do is cook a meal.  We all feel like that, right?  That is why I try to plan ahead and cook once so that we can eat twice.  Yep, you read it right.  I cook once so we can eat twice.
A Glimpse of Normal, Cook Once Eat Twice
Cook once, eat twice?  What does that mean?  It means that I plan ahead for some meals and cook extra that I can freeze.  Then we have a meal that we can pull it out of the freezer when we need it.  Don't worry I don't do this with every meal, I am not Super Woman.   Some foods freeze better than others and some meals just make good leftovers the next day so they don't make it into the freezer.  The struggle is real when you have a hungry teenage boy in the house.😁  So what meals do I cook once and so that we can eat twice?
  • Soup - these are great to freeze and throw in the crockpot for Sundays after church.
  • Egg Bakes - these I haven't tried freezing because we usually eat half of a 9x13 pan when I make them.  The rest goes for breakfast for hubby for a few days.
  • Baked Oatmeal - This I make and we all have breakfast for a week.
  • Shepherd's Pie - This freezes well and I thaw it in the fridge before we reheat it.  
  • Pizza Dough - We do pizza every Friday night and in order to save time, I often double the dough recipe and freeze the extra.  I just pull it out around lunch and it is thawed in time for dinner.
  • Sauces - spaghetti sauce, enchilada sauce, etc.  I make a double batch and then I freeze the extra.  This way the meal is already partially done, I just have to make noodles or filling depending on the sauce.
  • Ground Beef - Many times when I buy ground beef, I buy the family size pack.  This is usually more meat than we need for one meal so I cook and freeze the rest.  Sometimes I make it into hamburger patties and just freeze them without cooking it.  More often than not I just cook up the extra meat in the pack, let it cool, and then freeze it.  Sometimes I add taco seasoning and sometimes I just leave it plain, but either way, it is cooked and ready to be added to a meal.
  • Muffins - Whenever the recipe makes more than a dozen, I freeze all of the extra over the dozen.  Then when we are busy I can pull them out, thaw them, and have fresh muffins.
  • Cookies - Again, we don't need tons of cookies laying around so I freeze half the dough or if we are giving cookies away, I will double the recipe and freeze the extra dough.  I have frozen dough in already measured out cookie sizes and I have frozen it by rolling it in a log.  Both ways work for making cookies when you thaw it completely.
A Glimpse of Normal, Cook Once Eat Twice
An Egg Bake portion off for dinner and extra meals for breakfast for hubby.
I know there are more foods that I cook extra and freeze, but this is a pretty good list to get you going.  For some of the foods that I freeze, I double the recipe on purpose so that I plenty to freeze (again, I have a teenage boy in my house) and others I just freeze half of the single recipe.  It just sort of depends on how much extra I need.  I do mark my containers and freezer bags clearly with the food name, the date, and any instructions of items to be added or the extra cooking time it may need.  This keeps me from having mystery packages in my freezer.  Since I am not Super Woman, I will tell you there are times I do better at this method than others.  Lately, I have been very good about stocking my freezer with these cook once, eat twice items, but for a while, I had gotten lazy about it and had nothing stocked in the freezer for the days I ran out of time to cook.  So now I am in cook once, eat twice mode and it is already coming in handy and saving us money.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  Also are the other meals you freeze?  I would love to add to my list of meals to freeze and save myself some time.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

A Review of the By the Way Book Series from By the Way

Missy has a bucket list of places that she would like to travel to already at her young age.  On that list of places is New York City because she likes big cities, fashion, and food.  This is why I couldn't wait for her to read New York City which is one of the latest titles in the By the Way Book Series from By the Way when we received it to review recently.
By The Way New York City, A Glimpse of Normal
We learned about the By the Way Book Series last year when we got the chance to review one of their other books.  This series was started by Joy Budensiek.  Each book is part of a larger series of geographically based Christian worldview children's books.  This book series is designed to help provide parents with talking points to interact with their children about God and spiritual matters while teaching children all about a place.  The books are designed to be informative so that your student learns facts about the location.  They are integrated so that they cover science, geography, and history.  The books are also intentional and inspirational.  They intentionally add Scripture throughout the story so that students can see how it fits into our world and the books also show how God designed and created our world on purpose.  This book can be read and discussed just the way it is as a story or you can use it as a starting point to dig deeper into the places, facts, and information in the book.  The latest books in the By the Way Book Series are New York City ~ By the Way, Indiana ~ By the Way, Alaska ~ By the Way, and Ireland ~ By the Way.  The other books in this series are Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come!, Florida's Treasure Coast ~ Here We Come!, Pennsylvania ~ Here We Come!, Ohio ~ Here We Come!, Washington ~ Here We Come!, and Colorado ~ By the Way.  There are plans for more books in this series.
By The Way book Serres
We met Alex and Lexi the last time we reviewed a book in this series and they are back in this New York City book.  Alex and Lexi are a brother and sister duo.  They travel to different places, visiting and learning about the areas they travel to.  In the book we read, they are traveling to New York City with their youth group to complete a zip code challenge since New York City has 175 zip codes.  Each of the seven youth group kids got to pick 5 zip codes in New York City that they would like to see.  Pastor Jay and Miss Tonya are their guides in the city.  Once they arrive in the city they explore each of the five city boroughs, the historical sites of the city, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Wall Street, and many other sites as well.  Through their adventures, they get to discuss different cultures, immigration, 9/11, how New York came to be, tube mail, the United Nations, famous people like Fanny Crosby and learn about all the nature in the big city.  The story is filled with many fascinating facts about animals to learn, facts about nature, and facts about New York City.  Mixed in along with the story and the facts are Scripture passages and verses, hymns, and lessons about showing God to others by being kind.
A Glimpse of Normal

A Glimpse of Normal
Missy truly enjoyed reading this book about New York City.  She really liked learning about all the animals in New York City because she was like the youth group in the book and thought there could not be much wildlife in such a big city, but like them she was mistaken.  She thought it was interesting to learn that a pigeon was famous, there are white butterflies, there are coyotes in the big city that came across bridges to get there, and a squirrel shut down the NASDAQ one time.  Through reading this book we got to talk about immigration and family that has immigrated to the United States, we discussed the events of 9/11 on 9/11 (we have chatted about them before, but since Missy is older now we talked more about the events of that day and the lives lost), and talked about diversity in the city.  We also talked about Wall Street, street vendors, and how busy the streets of the city must be.  We are working on planning out some ethnic foods from Chinatown and Little Italy that Missy and I can make together for dinner.  After reading this book Missy knows for sure that she wants to visit New York City and see all the places the book explored.  She also wants to go geocaching which the book talked about.
A Glimpse of Normal
This was her favorite picture in the book because she wants to see all of New York City.
I really like this book series and I enjoyed listening to Missy read the book on New York City.  I learned many facts about the city while she read.  I liked that this book had so many topics that we could discuss.  I felt like we just scratched the surface as we read and that there are many topics in the book that we could dig deeper into and I plan to do so.  I really appreciate that the book includes Scripture, references to God, references to God as the Creator and His Creation.  This lines up with what we teach and it helps teach Missy to intentionally look for God in everything.  I totally agree with Missy and I want to go see New York City.  We definitely recommend the New York City book and want to read the other ones in this series too.  You can find out more about the By the Way Book Series here.  You can learn more about By the Way on their website and Facebook.  You can also learn more about the books in this series by reading the reviews of my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew.  We got to read the newest books in this series.  Click on the banner below to read more.
By the Way Book Series: New York City, Ireland, Indiana & Alaska {By the Way Reviews}

Saturday, September 15, 2018

September Menu Plan - Week of September 16-22

Happy Saturday!!!  I can't believe it is the middle of the month already.  Where does the time go?  Our schedule is slowing down some and settling in now that we have been back in school for a couple of weeks.  Having a better routine is really helping with menu planning and sticking to what we are eating.  You might notice it is mostly soft foods this week.  That is because CJ had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday and needs to eat soft foods.  He is healing nicely and feels pretty good so far.
A Glimpse of Normal, Weekly Menu Plan, September 16-22, Free Printable
This is what we will be having this week for dinner.  You can find the recipes on my September Menu Plan board on Pinterest.  There are also extra recipes on there from menu plans past.  So feel free to take a look around while you are there.  Also at the end of this post, you will find the FREE printable Menu Planning Sheet I created to help you out.  I am enjoying that everyone can see what is coming up for dinner for the week.  I am slowly working on planning out breakfast and lunches too...eventually I will get those in too.  Print off the sheet by clicking the arrow in the picture.

Sunday - Chili
Monday - Stuffed Acorn Squash
Tuesday - Mexican Cornbread Casserole
Wednesday - Lentil Soup
Thursday - Hamburgers
Friday - Stuffed Pizza Bread (CJ will just eat the filling)
Saturday - Loaded Potato and Meatloaf Casserole

Come back next Saturday to see what we will have to eat the following week.

Get your free printable Menu Planning Sheet by clicking the arrow in the top of the picture.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mermaid Spa Birthday Party

Missy just turned 10.  We don't do a big party for our kids every year, but this year was different.  Celebrating double digits calls for a big party.  Since 10 is a big deal, this party became a slumber party - Missy's first slumber party.  We started planning for it and thinking of ideas for it early this year because Missy had no clue what she wanted her party to be.  We started doing some searching and she finally decided on a Mermaid Spa theme.  She wanted the decorations to be mermaid themed and do manicures, pedicures, and facials at the party.  This I could do.  Of course, you all know I went to Pinterest and did some searching for ideas and I found lots.  So I thought I would share some party pics with you this week of the decorations and cake.  Then in the next few weeks, I will share how I created some of the items.  Most of the things I created and picked for the party could easily be switched to any theme.
A Glimpse of Normal

A Glimpse of Normal

A Glimpse of Normal
Balloon Mermaid Tail - we also had lights under there that we lit at night.  My picture of that didn't turn out well.
A Glimpse of Normal

A Glimpse of Normal
These are buckets I altered for the girls to take home all the trinkets and loot they got throughout the party.
A Glimpse of Normal
I had the facial area all ready to go and we used a mask from Perfectly Posh that is safe for kids.  I kept the washcloths warm in the crockpot.
A Glimpse of Normal

A Glimpse of Normal
This was the nail bar we set up.  They had to spin to pick colors for fingers and toes.
A Glimpse of Normal
I used chocolate melts, edible shimmer dust, and these molds to create chocolate mermaid tails for the top of the cake.

A Glimpse of Normal

A Glimpse of Normal
I made the inside of the cake tie-dye.  I'll be doing a post on that soon.

A Glimpse of Normal
We also did an ice cream bar.

A Glimpse of Normal
We did a cereal bar for breakfast.  This was a real treat because I normally only buy Cheerios.

A Glimpse of Normal
We tie-dyed shirts.

A Glimpse of Normal
Missy re-purposed her cake topper for her lunch.

A Glimpse of Normal
Treasure Hunt fun.

A Glimpse of Normal
More treasure hunt fun.
Missy and the girls had tons of fun at the party.  They loved getting pampered at "the spa" which really just means that hubby and I gave manicures, pedicures, and facials.  They loved the decorations and the party bucket they received.  We kept them busy and entertained.  They went home tired so I guess the party was good.

*This post does contain some affiliate links.  This means if you order from the links I provided, I do earn a small commission paid by the company you order from.  You don't pay any extra for the product.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Review Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? from Barbour Publishing

Finding a good mix of educational and entertaining can be hard when it comes to books for children.  It seems like so many times when a book is educational, it is boring to Missy and when the book is entertaining, there is nothing educational about it.  This is why I was curious to find out if Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?, which are both parts of the Kingdom Files series from Barbour Publishing, would be both educational and entertaining.
Kingdom Files Who Was Jonah
Kingdom Files Who Was Mary Mother of Jesus
Barbour Publishing is a Christian publishing company that has been around since the early 1980's and they release more than 120 Christian titles every year.  They have books for every age and their mission is: "To inspire the world with the life-changing message of the Bible."  I can stand behind a company with a goal like that.
Barbour Publishing
The Kingdom Files book series is a series of non-fiction Bible Bibliographies written by Matt Koceich.  This series is for kids 8-12 and it is written so that kids can explore the life of a Bible character.  They learn about the person, how God uses this person, and the actions this person took as God used them.  Each book is divided into three parts.  The first part is the "FACT FILE" and this is where we learn all about the person in the bibliography.  We learn who the person is, their occupation, where they live, and other important background information that you need to know about the person to study them.  They also include a mini timeline so you can see what is happening in history during the same time period as the character lived.  The second part is the "ACTION FILE."  This is the Bible story that is associated with the person presented in a way so that kids can understand it.  Throughout the first two parts of the book, there are also clues that help readers think deeper about a topic or event in the bibliography.  The third part of the book is the "POWER FILE."  This is where the main lessons from the bibliography are told.  It tells the main lessons that the character learned and how the child can apply them to their life too along with a Bible verse that they can memorize if they choose.  Throughout the book, there are illustrations to go along with the story.  The Kingdom Files series includes Who Was Jonah?, Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?, Who Is Jesus?, Who Was Esther?, Who Was Daniel? and  Who Was David?.  Each book is available for just $4.99.
A Glimpse of Normal
We received Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? to review.  The paperback books we received have around 85 pages of reading along with a note to the reading detective, an about the author page, and some pages for taking notes as you read.  Both books also contained a snippet about the other books in the series, but in the Mary book, there was an excerpt from one of the other books in the series.  Missy chose to read the book about Mary first.  I had her read it over a few days time as her Bible lesson for school.  The book is divided into chapters so I would have her read 3-4 chapters a day until she got to the "POWER FILE."  We went over the points in this part of the book all in one day but stopped to discuss each of the ten points presented and how they could apply to her life.  Through reading this book about Mary, Missy was reminded that Mary was just a teenager when she became pregnant with Jesus and that at first Joseph was not sure about staying with Mary until the angel told him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife.  Missy also learned of the incredible faith and peace that Mary had about giving birth to God's Son.  Missy also learned how Mary showed her faith at other points throughout Jesus' life like at the wedding in Cana and watching her Son be crucified.  It really made Missy stop and think about what it must have been like for Mary to see all that happened at the cross.  Then as we got to the ten Power-Ups in the "POWER FILE" we read through each one and discussed how Missy could use them in her life.  Missy liked each Power-Up because they were quick reminders of how God is working.  From the Power-ups, she decided that she really needs to let her life glorify God (live for God all the time) and she doesn't need to worry because God will take care of her.  Missy truly enjoyed this book and said that it was fun to read and it kept her attention.  She had a hard time putting it down to do her other schoolwork.  She would like to read the other books in the series.
A Glimpse of Normal
I read Who Was Jonah?.  I wanted to see what the books were all about for myself.  I have to tell you that I went into reading it thinking it was a book for kids so it would just tell the story of Jonah in a simple form and maybe give kids some things to think about.  I was so wrong.  I was blessed and reminded of so many things while reading this book for kids.  Of course, the book tells how Jonah was a prophet that was supposed to go to Nineveh and he tried to run away instead.  It tells how Jonah ended up in the belly of a big fish and finally ended up going to Nineveh.  It tells how the people of Nineveh repented and God spared them.  Then it told the not so pretty part of this story where Jonah is mad that God spared the people.  Jonah knew the people repented and turned back to God, but he struggled to forget how wicked the city had been and all the bad things they had done.  It tells how God shows mercy to an angry Jonah by providing him with a plant for shade and God teaches Jonah lessons by letting the plant die.  He doesn't give up on Jonah just like he didn't give up on Nineveh.  Then I read through the Power-Ups to see how I could apply them to my life.  Although I can apply each and every one to my life the two that I need to apply the most is "God Loves" and I need to love like He does and "Live By Faith" which means totally relying on and trusting in God.  Like I said I thought this was just a kids book, but it truly made me think about what I would do if I were in Jonah's shoes and I realized I have been in situations where I know what God is telling me to do and I try and run.  I need to be faithful and do what God calls me to do without running even if it is hard or scary because when I do God's will, He provides for all my needs.  I was also reminded that I shouldn't be like Jonah when God's plans change.  I don't want to be angry that what I thought would/should happen doesn't happen.  I need to see and appreciate that God gives mercy and grace because I have received more than my share of both.  I will definitely have Missy read this book and see what she comes up with as the lessons she learns.

We highly recommend Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? from the Kingdom Files book series.  These powerful books are well worth the time to read them.  We definitely want to read the other books in this series as well.  You can learn more about Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? by clicking on each of the titles and you can learn about the entire Kingdom Files series by clicking here.  You can learn more about Barbour Publishing on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  You can read my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew thought of these books by clicking the banner below.
Kingdom Files {Barbour Publishing Reviews}