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A Review of CashCrunch Careers from CashCrunch Games

Figuring out what you want to do for a career can be a really hard decision.  We are trying to help CJ explore many options and think about what he would like to do especially because he is in high school.  We want him to be able to learn about many careers and think about what they would mean for his future before he graduates high school (all too soon for this mama).  This is why I was interested in having him take the CashCrunch Careers survey from CashCrunch Games.  CashCrunch Games was very generous and not only did they let CJ review their CashCrunch Careers, but I also got to review it too.
Cash Crunch Careers
 CashCrunch Games was founded by Paul Vasey.  It is his background teaching Business Studies that helped him see that many students associate money with math and because of that it intimidates them.  Paul set out to change that mindset by creating games that teach students to respect money and how it is used while making wise decisions about the use of their money.  He wants to teach students that you can make wise decisions about money without fearing it.  You can try out some of their  CashCrunch Games on their website for free if you create an account.  He also developed CashCrunch Careers to help students answer the "What would you like to do with your life?."  This is the part of this company that we got to review.
Cash Crunch Games
CashCrunch Careers has been created a career database to help give students or adults information that they can use when they are considering potential careers.  They use research from the US Department of Labor to help make their career directory so that there are plenty of options to explore and learn about.  It all starts with a survey of 75 questions that takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  It asks you to assess your own inherent personality traits and abilities by having you choose the answer based on what you believe about yourself.  Then based on your survey answers, CashCrunch Careers picks careers that best match your work style and the characteristics you think you possess.  They present this in the form of a report that lists your Career Work Styles, Motivators & De-Motivators, Career Attributes, and Matching Jobs.  The report list 20 jobs that could be a career match for you and it puts them in order of suitability according to your results.  Once you have these results you can click on each career suggestion and learn more about it.  Then you can learn the tasks you typically perform on the specific job and the activities typically associated with that job.  It also tells you the attributes, abilities, work values, and skills you need for this career.  You can also find a tab with a list of colleges throughout the U.S. that offer this degree.  Last, there is a tab that has a video that tells about the career and the skills you will need for it.  This website is available for you to access anytime after you take your survey so you have plenty of time to research all the careers they matched you with which you can find in your "Locker."  It has a wealth of information and even though it is $99 to access all this information, it does help a lot for helping direct your student in the correct path before they get to college.  Knowing which careers you are suited for and might want to study before you get to college can help you pick the right college and the right high school path to get to the right college.  It can help you pick a college that specializes in your field and sometimes these schools are not the typical 4-year colleges which can save a lot of money.
CashCrunch Careers has an easy to use "Locker" where you can quickly find everything.
CJ is in 10th grade and starting to plan for his future which is why I thought this career test would be perfect for him.  He took the survey based on the character traits he sees in himself and he was surprised by the results he got.  He is leaning toward small engine mechanics, but that is not very high on his list of results.  What we, his parents, know about CJ is that he has the qualities of a great leader.  He doesn't see this in himself and that is why he was surprised by his results.  His top careers were all management jobs that would require him to be in charge of others.  He understood that the character traits he has are what made the survey choose these types of careers for him.  We think he would do pretty well at those careers even though they are not at the top of his personal list of careers.  He has been looking through all the careers this survey suggested for him and even though it hasn't changed what he wants to do after he graduates, it has shown him what other careers he may be good at.  He still says he wants to do something with small engines, farm equipment, and such. which he is also great at.
They give you a great idead of your work style and what you may prefer according to the survey.
CashCrunch Games was generous and allowed me to take the CashCrunch Careers survey too.  I wanted to take this survey because my kids are getting older and eventually I plan to go back into the workforce.  Now that I have stayed at home for so long, it seems like there are tons of careers I want to try.  I thought this survey would be a good way to find out what I might be good at.  I love to host and entertain so I guess it wasn't that surprising to me that my motivators were helping others, opportunities to form and maintain relationships, and working with others.  I guess it did surprise me a little that the top of my list of jobs was Advertising and Promotions Manager.  I guess that I didn't think of myself as good at creating ads, but I wouldn't mind doing that type of work.  There were several types of management jobs that came up as a good fit for me based on the career survey.  So now I do have several careers that I can research and think about for a few years before I think about heading back into the workforce.  I liked that it told me my motivators, demotivators, and career attributes that I should look for.  I like that I can research all the careers it suggested for me.
They give you a list of your work motivators and demotivators.

They give you a list of possible job matches for you based on your survey answers.
If you are interested in helping your children or yourself find a direction for a career path, then CashCrunch Careers could be a good resource to use.  We like that it suggests careers and then gives you more information about each career and colleges that offer programs in that in one place.  You can learn more about CashCrunch Careers survey here.  You can learn more about CashCrunch Games on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.  You can read what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew found out about their children's careers by clicking the banner below.
CashCrunch Careers {CashCrunch Games Reviews}

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