Sunday, August 25, 2019

Losing and Gaining

I've been working on me this year.  I knew it was more than time for me to make some changes and I knew that it wouldn't be easy.  I started slowly and added more as I could.  I even posted a few of the things I was doing back in April in this post.  I knew those few changes would lead to more positive changes and they have.  Let me tell you more...
Come and read how I am Losing and Gaining at A Glimpse of Normal
In May I went to my doctor for a check-up.  Overall I was pretty healthy, but there were some things I knew that I could change to get healthier.  My doctor doesn't sugar coat things for you, but she isn't mean either.  She told me the things I was doing well with and she told me some things that I needed to change.  One big change she wants to see from me is my weight.  She doesn't want to see huge changes because they don't last, just a little at a time.  I told her about the cardio drumming class I was going to and the StepBet app I use and she was very pleased with both of those things.  She highly encourages both.  We discussed a sensible everything in moderation eating plan and she told me where she would like me to be the next time I see her.  The weight loss isn't about appearance, it is about my health and getting my asthma under control and off of the asthma medications.  Of course, losing weight does change your appearance and I can't say that I won't be happy about that or that I won't be more confident in myself.  

Not long after my check-up, I was at cardio drumming class and our instructor announced that a new BTC challenge was getting ready to start.  The BTC challenge is a body transformation challenge and I decided that it was the kick in the pants I needed to get me on the right track.  At first, I thought this challenge was just going to be about losing weight, but I quickly learned that it was about so much more, it was also about gaining.  Yes, it is good to lose pounds and inches, but it is important to gain too.  The first thing I learned was something my instructor told me.  She said I had to learn to love myself right where I was that moment before I could love who I might be down the road.  I would never be able to make lasting changes if I didn't love me at that moment.  That one hit me pretty hard because I was hard on myself.  I had rolled in the self-pity for so long and beat myself up for all that I did wrong.  I wasn't loving me where I was so I worked really hard to change that.  If it was negative self-talk, I would distract myself or say the opposite of the negative.  I also started thinking about what I was eating and began tracking my food.  I knew that I didn't eat all that bad, but there were some bad food habits that I could change.  When I first started tracking my food I was shocked that some of the things I ate had a ton more calories than I ever would have guessed.  I learned that I could still have some of those foods, but I would have to balance it out somewhere else in the day.  Food tracking has helped me a lot.  I am not calorie obsessed because I do believe in all foods in moderation, I just try to fill up on protein and veggies before adding in other foods.  I move a lot more now.  Since I joined my first Step Bet I have participated in at least 4 more.  I find that if I put money on the line for my movement, I get moving.  I get to the drumming class every time I can.  I also have been taking more walks and have taken a bike ride with my kids.  I know that movement is super important for all my health goals and I am truly enjoying being more active.  Before I would just say no to things because I knew that I couldn't keep up.  Now I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and say yes.  Why not try?  Isn't it better to try and fail or be slow at something than to not try at all?  So I try.  I even said yes to a Great Inflatables race.  You know, I had to walk a good portion of it, but I survived and I had fun.  It was fun climbing over all the inflatables and I would totally do it again.  I wasn't great at it this time, but that is okay...I got out there and did it.

Overall I am losing weight, but I am gaining a healthy mindset.  I am taking it one day at a time and doing the best I can with each day.  I keep learning and keep growing because that is all I can do.  This is a journey and not a race.  I am in it for the long haul, not just the short term.  I am sharing my journey with you not because I want to brag or boast, but because I watched other people's journey and I was inspired by them.  Here is a current progress picture from my journey.
Losing and Gaining at A Glimpse of Normal
Down 14 lbs. and several inches

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Fair and Another Derby

The end of July and beginning of August was full of fair and another Bump 'n Run Derby.  It was all very busy, but fun.  Memories were made and good times were had.  Let me share some more...
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First up was our local fair where we helped with our church tent and Missy showed a draft horse.  No, we don't own a horse.  Our fair has an open program where youth get partnered with draft horse owners and then they work with the horse, learn all about draft horses, and then show the horses at the fair.  Friends at church own 3 draft horses and suggested the program to Missy.  She wanted to try it out so we got her all signed up and she has been able to work with Lucy, the draft horse this year.
Missy started the program in April and she learned a lot from it.  She worked with Lucy several times and even got to attend a show with the horse owners before the fair so that she could practice.  When show day at the fair came, Missy did great.  Lucy did not cooperate completely like horses sometimes do, but Missy kept her cool and kept trying.  Missy showed true courage and perseverance when Lucy didn't cooperate for the decorating class.  She did the best she could and even though Lucy reared up a few times (Missy was always in a safe spot), Missy finished the decorating the best she could.  After Lucy continued to be uncooperative in the arena for the decorating class, the club leaders and the horse owner decided it would be best for Missy to show a different horse in showmanship.  This way she could still show a horse and show the skills she learned throughout the year rather than have to sit it out.  The leaders found her a great horse to show, Missy got a few instructions and off she went.  She ended up placing 5th in the showmanship class (out of 10+ horses) which was great considering 15 minutes before her class was up she didn't think she would be able to show at all.  She walked away that night with 2 ribbons - 5th place out of 5 in decorating and 5th place in showmanship.  It was a night of true perseverance on her part and we couldn't be more proud of how well she did. 

Missy got the chance to work with the draft horses again on the last day of the fair.  This time she got to work on driving the draft horses with our friends she had been working with all year long.  It was a great day for a show and Missy did a great job showing.  Her driving skills improved greatly from the first time she drove and we were really happy with how well she showed.  She didn't place in the show, but that was okay because she showed improvement.  Overall, Missy had a lot of fun in this program and working with our friends that own draft horses.  We are truly thankful for all they did to teach her, encourage her, and let her show their horses.

Next up was CJ's second Bump 'n Run derby in a town about an hour away and the weather was so much better this time.  The week of the derby, the car started giving fits.  It didn't want to stay running and racing that week was starting to look impossible.  This was the week right after our local fair, we were exhausted, and hubby got called for jury duty.  After checking everything we knew could be going on with the car and doing a lot of Google searching, we decided to contact a friend that has a towing business.  He is excellent with troubleshooting and he helped CJ and Hubby find the issue with the derby car.  He was even able to get us in contact with someone selling a car just like the derby car so we could get the part we need (yes we own a second car that will most likely get prepped for derbies now too).  So the guys finally got the car up and running so that we could head out to the derby.  CJ raced in heat one and he ran in second for a few laps.  He raced great!!!  His car took a few hits and unfortunately one (or three) of the hits were right to the coolant lines so the car started to overheat.  After his first race, CJ and Hubby were able to get the car ready to race again for the second heat that he would be in.  We weren't sure if the coolant lines would hold out, but it was worth the try.  CJ ran in second for a lap or two before he got stuck behind a stalled out car.  He got out of that mess and then caught up to finish the race in 5th place.  Overall, he raced really well and we are proud of how he did.  With every race, he is learning what he can do to improve for the next time and he is having a blast.  Now we make some repairs to the car again and hope to get in at least one more race this year.

I think that sums up our last few weeks and where I have been.  I have been a busy momma cheering for my kids.  It has been awesome to see both kids persevere, push through, and do their best.  I look forward to what they both have going on next. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August 2019 Menu Plan...or lack thereof

I know I am a few days late and we are already in August, but I promise I have a good excuse for a late menu plan.  We were helping run our church booth at the fair that ended on Saturday.   So the first few days of August got away from me.  I have been trying hard to sit down and come up with a menu, but we have a lot A LOT going on this month.  Summer break is coming to an end for us and we are trying to soak up the last days of our summer break.  That is why I made the hard decision to skip my typical monthly menu plan.  If you need meal ideas you can look back on the following posts:
A Glimpse of Normal
I will be back in September with another new menu plan.  I promise not to let time get away from me again.  On the plus side, we have been doing plenty of things that I will be blogging about in the next few weeks.